Dominique Tutwiler is a Bay Area-native maker and artist, with a passion for all things made by hand.

With a background in Illustration, they continue their creative journey through custom-made furniture.

As the founder and owner of Oaksmith, their goal is to provide custom handcrafted furniture at an affordable price. 




I source all of my quality materials from local businesses right here in the Bay Area. I love working with all types of wood from walnut to oak to poplar, sometimes accenting a design with metal or concrete. I choose materials that will last and age beautifully over time.




I am always conscious of the small living spaces that are often inherent of city-dwelling. Because of this, I am drawn to designs that look great but also serve an important function.

Aesthetically, I am inspired by the clean and seamless mix of materials found in the beautiful modern architecture that surrounds me everyday.

Above all, I believe the pieces you choose to put in your home should reflect you completely, rather than settling for the mass-produced options. Any piece in Oaksmith’s collection can be customized to fit your space and style.